Team 1 Result Team 2
Look GCM FTGCM FT 4 – 4 F 2019


Name Team Value
Look Elton Pascoal Andrade FoncecaElton Pascoal Andrade Fonceca SELFIE 23
Look Gilson Paquito Mendes RodriguesGilson Paquito Mendes Rodrigues SELFIE 15
Look Lucas Cabral MendesLucas Cabral Mendes F 2019 15
Look Hélio Ismael Borges FernandesHélio Ismael Borges Fernandes SÃO DOMINGOS 13
Look Carlos Manuel MendesCarlos Manuel Mendes SÃO DOMINGOS 13

Yellow cards

Name Team Value
Look Euricles José varela fernandesEuricles José varela fernandes SÃO DOMINGOS 6
Look Alfredo Isidoro Araujo De PinaAlfredo Isidoro Araujo De Pina GCM FT 4
Look Modi Pereira Landim VazModi Pereira Landim Vaz F 2019 3
Look Jilson Semedo RochaJilson Semedo Rocha GARRAFINHA 3
Look Kevem Keny Dos Santos GonçalvesKevem Keny Dos Santos Gonçalves SELFIE 3

Red cards

Name Team Value
Look Janito Fortes Dos SantosJanito Fortes Dos Santos 7 ONA 2
Look Euricles José varela fernandesEuricles José varela fernandes SÃO DOMINGOS 2
Look José Luis Lopes CarvalhoJosé Luis Lopes Carvalho SELFIE 2
Look Gerson Mendes RamosGerson Mendes Ramos SELFIE 1
Look Ardilis Vaz Dos SantosArdilis Vaz Dos Santos SELFIE 1

Own goals

Name Team Value
Look Deonicio FerreiraDeonicio Ferreira 7 ONA 1
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